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Victor Hernandez - Harmonica, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals

Vic began playing the harmonica at the age of 2, and in 1972 he was endorsed by Hohner Harmonicas. His musical influences include Al Green, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Paul Butterfield, Taj Mahal, James Cotton, The Yardbirds, The Beatles, The Doors, and 60's soul music. In the mid 60's Vic met Keith Relf, from the Yardbirds where he received a lesson from he legendary musician - he recieved a personal lesson from Keith on how to play "I'm a Man". Once back in Iowa and out of high school he majored in Vocal Music, studying music theory, ear training and sight-singing at Kirkwood College from 1970-1972. All of that musical knowledge,and experience has brought Vic the opportunity to play in numerous bands as far back as 1965. With such a passion for music Vic can't quit playin'!
Kenda took voice and music at Kirkwood College in 1971 & 1972. She is influenced by some of her favorites: Linda Ronstadt, Pat Benetar, Bonnie Raitt, Grace Slick, and Lydia Pense from Cold Blood. Kenda sings with a powerful rock and soul feel. She enjoys writing lyrics also, and hopes the band will have some time to dedicate to originals soon. Kenda has played in numerous other bands in Eastern Iowa ever since the late 60's where her strong vocal performance has made her an easily recognizable talent! She tried to retire from performing a couple of times, but the music kept pulling her back. Besides, nothing can beat making good music for people to dance and listen to while working with a great bunch of guys!

Kenda Hernandez - Lead Vocals, Hand Percussion

Kevin Wimer - Lead Guitar, Vocals

At the age of nine I was introduced to the violin. And as the Beatles were getting popular, I switched to the guitar. With a borrowed guitar I played my first gig at the age of fifteen at The Toddville Legion Hall in Toddville Iowa. In 1973 I moved to Chicago to further my electronics education. While living in Chicago I played in a Jazz band. A few years later I moved to Brandon Mississippi where I hosted my own radio program called "Athletes Of The Spirit". I also wrote music intros and bumpers for commercial lead ins for the program. In 1981 I moved to North Dakota where I played with the band "Cornerstone" that included the former bass player Dwight Freilic of "The Brian Highland Band" and members of Dwight's family. In 1984 I moved back to Iowa. I joined a newly forming country rock band called "The Cheating Hearts". I met Vic and Kenda Hernandez when they were recruited to join the band. After being moderately successful, the band decided to change their name to "Calamity Jane". After enjoying a very successful two year run, the leader of Calamity Jane decided to leave the band. Vic Hernandez took over the leadership role and we changed the music genre to "Oldies". We re- named the band "The Alumni". In 1990 The Alumni disbanded. I then joined a country rock band called "Gunsmoke". Then in 1995 I left Gunsmoke to form a band called "Road Kill Stew". Then in 1997 I joined a country rock band formed by the former Calamity Jane founder named "The Cathy Hart Band". In the year 2000 I joined back up with Vic and Kenda in the newly formed "Full Circle". After a short stint with Full Circle, I formed a rock band called "Thunderbolt" in 2004. In 2005 I formed a new rock band called "Goldrush". I stayed with Goldrush until I was hired to play guitar with the Oldies band "The Past Masters" in 2010. I left the band in 2014 and formed a Classic Rock band called "Flashback". But then in 2015 I got the call to re­join "Full Circle". And I am now re­united with Vic, Kenda, and original Full Circle bass player John Hernandez. I certainly have come full circle!
Johns experience dates back to the late 60's the exciting days of Rock and Roll; he played in the band United, Perro Gordo, and Skyhook. John was influenced by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Grand Funk Railroad, Ted Nugent, and many others. . In the year 1980 John retired for 20 yrs. A new Millennium begins. The year was 2000 and the Jefferson High School class of 1970 was holding an event. With some former band mates an impromptu band was formed. The one performance was a success and Full Circle was formed. His stint with the band began when he was called out of retirement. John played with his brother in the Full Circle band for four years. John was bass player for the Five of Hearts country, rock band for four years till September of 2008. John enjoyed playing with Five of Hearts. John was eager to return to Rock n Roll. John helped form the Ohms Law Band for a short duration. An opportunity then arose to join "Full Circle" now John is experiencing a wide variety of venues and musical styles.

John Hernandez - Bass Guitar

D.J. Holvenstot - Drums

As a kid I was lucky to grow up in a family where music and singing was relevant . . . many family gatherings included songs and fun. And as I reached age 8, I started taking drum lessons on my bongo drums. Then I moved on to snare drum lessons, and then moved on to a full drum kit. I was a member of the school band starting in 5th grade on through high school. As I proceeded in drumming, I was still taking private lessons through Boddickers School of Music located on 16th Ave in Cedar Rapids where I was born and raised. I was very fortunate to have been able to pursue the love of music through percussion and singing.
I was in my first band called Visions which was through Boddickers. The 3 others that played guitar also in this fun group were: Pat Kelly lead vocals & rhythm guitar, Don Rosberg lead guitar & Susan Snow on the bass. We all sang backup vocals. We all were in our mid-teens and played around town for dances and even a few pub gigs. Also for those in care centers. And that's where I began to understand how important doing for others in the community was.
After mid high school the band was no more, and we all went on to do different things. I graduated from Prairie High in 1982 and was involved in marching band (snare drum), orchestra, jazz band, choir and was the drummer in show choir my senior year. I had continued working at Skate Country. And then I started a family when I was 20. I now have 4 kids and a 5th grand child just born Jan 2015.
In the mid 80's I was drumming with my family's gospel group, "The Hauskins Singers". Then in the 90's with another local gospel group called "Psalms" which performed locally in churches and events. I had only played on my own listening to music for years. And finally in 2013 I found a local jam night and then also a blues jam. And that inspired me to get back out there and play. And how fortunate am I to be among all the fabulous local musicians in Cedar Rapids ! And now I found my place with The Full Circle band. And it's gonna be fun !! Hold on tight the ride is just beginning.